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The Irish Times Group is owned by a Trust and has no shareholders. John Hegarty is Chair of the Trust and has no actual shares in the company, however for the purposes of this project we are considering him as the ‘owner’, as the position of Chair is associated with a higher level of influence. Details on other members of the Trust are included below.

John Hegarty is currently Chair of The Irish Times Trust CLG and sits on the Board of Directors for The Irish Times DAC. Both the Trust and the Board consist of people with experience in different areas of Irish life with the aim that The Irish Times reflects all aspects of Irish society.

John Hegarty was a professor of laser physics at Trinity College Dublin and Provost of the University from 2001 to 2011. He also sits on the Board of the Hugh Lane Gallery Trust, Fulbright Ireland Board, Board of Directors for C-Path Ltd (Critical Path Institute EU) and chairs the Translational Medicine Institute (St. James’ Hospital, Dublin). He was co-founder Innovation Advisory Partners which promotes education, research and innovation policy.

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Property Advertising (100%)

Recruitment advertising (100%)


Irish Times Training (100%)

Other Media Interests:


WKW FM Ltd (75%)

Magazine Publishing

Gloss Publications Ltd (50%)

Web Publishing


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The other members of the Trust: Joanne Stuart

CEO Northern Ireland Tourism Alliance; former Director of Development at Catalyst Inc; NI chair of the US-NI Mentorship Program.

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