Sean Ashmore

Sean Ashmore

Seán Ashmore has been the CEO of Sunshine 106.8 since 2004. Prior to this Ashmore had worked at Live 95FM in Limerick and East Coast FM in Wicklow.He is a 50% shareholder of Heart Media, giving him an over stake of 17.83% in Sunshine 106.8. Heart Media Limited own KFM in Kildare (through their subsidiary Fessenden Radio Investments Limited) and East Coast FM in Wicklow (through their other subsidiary Fessenden Limited.)

Heart Media is also a provider of management and consultancy services, technical solutions to broadcasters in Ireland and Europe. 

He is a director at a number of other companies connected to Irish radio including Independent Radio Sales Ireland Limited, Broadcast Public Relations Limited and Broadcast Formats Limited.

He is also a director at Local Insurance Network Designated Company Limited and Bray South Business Park Owners Management Company Limited by Guarantee.

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