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The Irish Daily Mail is published in tabloid format from Monday to Saturday and has a conservative political outlook and includes The newspaper reaches 205,000 Irish readers every day. The paper also features Irish news, current affairs and politics, extensive coverage of celebrity news, human interest and sport.

The website for this publication is, this is a UK based website and there is no local version for Ireland.
The newspaper’s editorial team is based in Dublin and operates independently of the English Daily Mail title based in London. While both editions take a conservative editorial approach with tendency towards a controversial tone, the Irish edition’s editorial line has been more moderate or diverged on issues such as the EU, immigration and social issues than the English edition. When it launched initially sales were not as high as expected and the paper ran at a loss for a time, this was due in part to a lack of localisation for the Irish market in it’s editorial. Where it’s traditional campaigns railing against the EU, immigration and left wing social policy gained a loyal readership in England, the same adversarial approach to these issues did not gain traction with the Irish public.

DMG Media Ireland operates the Irish publications for parent company DMGT (based in the UK). It has acquired and operates a number of news, entertainment and lifestyle media brands including the Irish Mail on Sunday and other niche publications. Through its different publications DMG Media Ireland is active in sponsorship programmes for a variety of sports organisations in Ireland including horse racing, camogie, cricket and women’s soccer.

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Daily Mail and General Trust PLC


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The Irish Daily Mail is operated by DMG Media Ireland (Daily Mail Group) is wholly owned by Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) a UK company which in turn is 100% owned by Rothermere Continuation Limited, a private company owned by the Rothermere family and registered in Jersey. The company was delisted from the London Stock Exchange in 2022.
DMG Media Ireland (Daily Mail Group) is the trading name used in Ireland for DMGT’s Irish media subsidiaries, the registered company name in Ireland is Associated Newspapers Ireland Ltd.

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In 2021 Rothermere Continuation Limited (RCL) bought all shares in the Daily Mail Group Trust (DMGT) making it fully private.

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Jonathan Harmsworth Viscount Rothermere

In 2006 the Daily Mail and General Trust (DMGT) launched The Irish Daily Mail, a subsidiary publication specifically for the Irish Market. DMGT also publishes The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday newspapers in the United Kingdom. The Daily Mail was founded by British current owner Johnathan Harmsworth’s great grandfather Harold Harmsworth and his brother Alfred and in 1896, the company has remained under the control of the Harmsworth family since its foundation.

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Paul Henderson

Joined DMG Media Ireland in 2008 having previously worked as Group sales Manager in TV3 (now Virgin Media Ireland).

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Eddie Coffey

Eddie Coffey was appointed editor of the Irish Daily Mail in 2019 having previously worked as deputy Editor of The Irish Mail on Sunday. Throughout his career he has been editor of a number of regional Irish newspapers including The Kildare Nationalist, The Nationalist and the Longford Leader.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Conor O’Donnell, Group Editor

Conor O’Donnell joined DMG Ireland in 2008 taking on the role of night editor and deputy editor of the Irish Daily Mail. In 2011 he was appointed editor of The Irish Mail on Sunday and in 2019 became Group editor for DMG Ireland. He began his career in Munster’s regional newspapers, The Kerryman and the Irish Examiner before moving to London to work at the Daily Telegraph.


Top Floor, Two Haddington Buildings

20-38 Haddington Road

Dublin 4

D04 HE94


Telephone: +353 (0) 1 256 0800



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DMGT do not publish financial data at an individual title level or details on advertising vs other revenue streams, but financial reports are published annually on the company website for the overall group.

Circulation and Audience Data:
Daily Circulation: 19,552 (ABC Jan - June 2022)
Daily Readers: 204,000 (DMG Group data)

Within the media industry in Ireland reporting on income levels are generally at group level rather than individual title level. On top of this, overall revenue details for the market as a whole are unavailable. Due to these factors it is not possible to report accurately on market share for individual titles or groups.

There is currently no standard audience measurement available for print and online news titles in Ireland. Individual titles publish data on readership or users but measurement parameters and sources vary between organisations, therefore it is not possible to report an accurate audience share for the purposes of this project.


Horgan, J. & Flynn, R. (2017), Irish Media A Critical History, Four Courts Press, Dublin

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