Sunshine 106.8

Sunshine 106.8 is an easy listening radio station that broadcasts to the Dublin area.

Sunshine 106.8 launched as 'Dublin's Country 106.8FM’ in October 2001, and became 'Country Mix 106.8' in 2005. The station re-branded as Sunshine 106.8 in 2010.

The station has an audience share of 8,2% (June 2023) in the Dublin area, making it the third most listened to regional station, behind FM104 and Spin 1038.

The Station is owned by Broadcast Investments Limited (35.66%) and Bay Broadcasting (32.79%). Broadcast Investments Limited is in turn wholly owned by Heart Media Limited.

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Media Companies / Groups

Heart Media Ltd.

Bay Broadcasting Ltd.


Ownership Structure

The registered company name of Sunshine 106.8 is Star Broadcasting. Star Broadcasting is predominantly owned by Broadcast Investments Ltd. (35.66%) and Bay Broadcasting (32.79%).
Broadcast Investments Ltd. is wholly owned by Heart Radio Limited, which in turn is owned by Seán Ashmore (50%) and Ciara O’Connor (50%).
Bay Broadcasting is owned by Kevin Brannigan (50%) and Step Investments Limited (50%), which in turn is in full ownership of Michael Ormonde.

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General Information

Founding Year

2001 (as "Dublin's Country 106.8")


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Affiliated Interests Ceo

Seán Ashmore

Has been the CEO of Sunshine 106.8 since 2004.
He is a 50% shareholder of Heart Media, giving him an over stake of 17.83% in Sunshine 106.8.


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Ground Floor Castleforbes House

Castleforbes Road


Dublin 1

D01 A8N0


Telephone: +353 (01) 865 2140


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Meta Data

The listenership of Sunshine 106.8 is 8.2% in the Dublin Region. Listenership figure taken from JNLR Report 2 2023.

Within the media industry in Ireland reporting on income levels are generally at group level rather than individual title level. On top of this, overall revenue details for the market as a whole are unavailable. Due to these factors it is not possible to report accurately on market share for individual titles or groups.

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