Media Ownership

Irish media are mostly owned by individuals and companies that have long-standing links to the media sector. Noteworthy is the considerable rate of foreign ultimate ownership, frequently a result of acquisition of Irish companies by larger internationally operating media groups. 

Data on ownership is readily available through public registries and / of self-disclosure online. It was possible to establish ultimate beneficial ownership of all media outlets in the Irish sample - which is not the case in many other MOM countries. The research did not uncover any active disguises of ownership. Nonetheless, it reveals patterns of complicated company set-ups and in some cases of individuals who wield influence without being owner in an economic sense.

While almost all companies have a legal entity in Ireland, many have parent-companies abroad. Examples are DMG Media Ireland as the Irish subsidiary of the British Daily Mail and General Trust, and Bauer Media Audio Ireland as the Irish subsidiary of the German Bauer Media Group Ltd.

Ownership is predominantly in the hands of men. In some cases, media outlets are not owned by natural persons. In those cases, boards of the respective companies stood in as decision makers.

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